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Sanitized® Quality Seal Innovative Promotional Tools for Digital andPrint Marketing Regulatory Expertise Technical AdviceCustomer Support Desk TecCenterAdvanced In-HouseTesting and Laboratories Best AvailableTechnology Our Quality Seal on your treated articles con- firms the benefits of the Sanitied® effects, increases confidence, transparency and trust. Use our innovative, easy-to-understand marketing tools to promote the benefits of the Sanitied® hygiene function, material protection and preservation. Ingredient Branding> Our experts know the worldwide country- specific regulations lile BPR and EPA. Your promotional statements on the market are correct and stressful. Expertise> We listen, ask questions and advise. What can we do for you? Our experts for textiles, polymers and paint are ready to find solutions for your products. On-Site Contact> Customer Service> Technical application and process issue? We got the answers. TecCenter> You define the antimicrobial effect and we test according to international specifications. Your products clearly differentiate themselves on the market. Labor Services> Swiss expertise sine 1935. Best performance, sustainable, durable, tested and registeed. Our pioneering products can be applied in your application processes for a variety of substrates. Technology Platform> Sanitized Performance Package 360°